Field Hockey Teams all over the world are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. Some are playing at the FIH Pro League 2019 while some are gearing up for FIH Hockey Series Finals 2019, but some of these have more obstacles to jump over than others – and many of them are financial.
In a bid to help a hockey team make their appearance at the Tokyo Games 2020, a Hockey Inspired Fund will be launched by The Dragflick.
Although this is a limited funding, for the successful team, this means that they will be able to get an opportunity to enter the Olympic event in Tokyo 2020 without having to worry about the basic costs involved.
This funding is available only for one women’s hockey team, who qualify for the Olympics later in the year.

Official statement by the Founder of The Dragflick, Nimisha Jagasia

The new Hockey Inspire Fund is a  fantastic opportunity for a financially struggling team to get to the Tokyo Games.
Many of the hockey teams currently aren’t able to afford to travel to these events so the potential funding could make the difference.
For field hockey, funding opportunities are rare and sponsorship deals almost unheard of. The fund will give them a chance to inspire the nation and shine at Tokyo 2020 and beyond.
Hockey is an expensive sport to manage because of crippling costs. We want the teams to prepare and focus on winning medals. We don’t want them to be distracted and going out having to seek funding.
These players who fight to get on teams spend their life pursuing a goal, need a little financial incentive.


Eligibility & Application
The fund will be available to the team who has successfully qualified for the Olympics. The team has to have limited or no financial support from the government or sponsors.
Team Managers are urged to drop an email at before the Olympic Qualifiers this year.
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Nimisha’s passion and drive to promote the sport of field hockey, is very visible with the way hockey is marketed on our platforms.
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