🇳🇿 New Zealand Hockey : Vantage Black Sticks players to participate in the Sentinel Homes North vs South series
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Dragflick Newsdesk : Vantage Black Sticks (VBS) players will get the opportunity to test their mettle for the first time in 2022.

The Sentinel Homes North vs South series will see our nation’s top players go head-to-head with bragging rights on the line over a three matches in Hamilton on the 21st, 23rd, and 24th April. The South men and North women will be looking to defend their respective trophies after hard fought battles in 2021.

After a long time without elite hockey on our shores we are also pleased to announce that the matches, being played at St Paul’s Collegiate, will be open to the public free of charge. We are looking forward to being back in the community and engaging with locals during the school holidays by offering opportunities to meet their hockey heroes.

With a mix of ‘up and coming’ players and Vantage Black Sticks the series will be a great opportunity for the national coaches to check in on progress, as well as eye the emerging talent, with international matches on the horizon – including the Women’s World Cup in July and Commonwealth Games in July/August.

Graham Shaw, Head Coach of the VBSW, says this is a fantastic opportunity to see how the team is tracking collectively and individually.

“The series will give the players a perfect scenario to test styles of play and the areas we have been working on. The group has trained incredibly hard over the past few months building an outstanding environment.

I know the group will be looking forward to playing this series and will be looking to put their best foot forward. North vs South can bring pressure that is similar to international hockey which is something needed with a few big months ahead.”

VBS Men’s Head Coach Greg Nicol is thrilled at the opportunity to play some high-level, competitive hockey.

“The series gives our players a real chance to test themselves as we build towards the Commonwealth Games happening in a few months.

“We still have a number of players playing club hockey in Europe, so the series is also an opportunity for the next tier of players as we build our depth for the future. The younger talent always relishes the chance to showcase their skills alongside and against current players so I am looking forward to an exciting week of hockey.”

The game times are 5.30pm (Women) and 7.30pm (Men) on the 21st; 2.30pm (W) and 4.30pm (M) on the 23rd; and 12pm (W) and 2pm (M) on the 24th. All matches will be streamed live.

A National Under-21 event will run alongside the Sentinel Homes North vs South series with matches as curtain raisers to the Senior event. National Junior Black Sticks squads will be named following the event.

Team Lists – Seniors

North Men

Robert Capizzi, Dominic Dixon, Benjamin Edwards, Sean Findlay, Alexander Fraser, Connor Greentree, Xavier Guy, Leon Hayward, Samuel Hiha, Kim Kingstone, Richmond Lum, Liam Mortimer, George Muir, Tim Neild, Jared Panchia, Hayden Phillips, Maxwell Rasmussen, Aidan Sarikaya, Charl Ulrich, Max Wyndham-Smith.

South Men

George Baker, Louis Beckert, David Brydon, Malachi Buschl, Jordan Cohen, Nicholas Elder, George Enersen, Moss Jackson, Dane Lett, Nicholas Lidstone, Oliver MacIntyre, Harry Miskimmin, Joseph Morrison, Lachlan Paton, Bradley Read, Jacob Smith, Matthew Symonds, Dylan Thomas, Finn Ward, Simon Yorston.

North Women

Kaitlin Cotter, Stephanie Dickins, Katie Doar, Madison Doar, Izzy Gill, Ella Hyatt-Brown, Alia Jaques, Tyler Lench, Alexandra Lukin, Hope Ralph, Kayla Reed, Deanna Ritchie, Brooke Roberts, Arabella Sheild, Phoebe Steele, Lulu Tuilotolava, Rose Tynan, Tayla White, Eva Zijlstra.

South Women

Isabella Ambrosius, Jessica Anderson, Rebecca Baker, Amelia Calder, Casey Crowley, Anna Crowley, Aniwaka Haumaha, Megan Hull, Tessa Jopp, Jessica Kelly, Georgina Mackay-Stewart, Rachel McCann, Olivia Merry, Grace O’Hanlon, Holly Pearson, Olivia Shannon, Catherine Tinning, Brittany Wang, Emily Wium.

Team Lists – Junior

North Men

Luke Aldred, Marcus Collier, Scott Cosslett, Malcolm Curley, Luke Elmes, Aiden Fraser, Connor Garner, Reagan Harnell, James Hickson, Luke Holmes, Isaac Houlbrooke, Flynn Hutchinson, Sam Lints, Milan Patel, Jarryd Russell, Jacob Soo Choon, James Stables, Jordon Thomas.

South Men

Oliver Bunny, Ezekiel Buschl, Benjamin Culhane, Harrison Darling, Toby Dean, Etienne Harrington-Watt, Connor Hoskin, Kyle Houston, Joshua Irwin, Patrick Madder, Charlie Morrison, James Nicolson, Tim Sheed, Daniel Torr, Patrick Ward, Joshua White, Matthew Wilson, Daniel Woud.

North Women

Rosanna Bedford, Paige Blake, Bella Browne, Chloe Browne, Brodie Cochrane, Philippa Croft, Emma Findlay, Sophie Hildesley, Leah Hodges, Emilie Logan, Hayley McKellow, Rose Parkinson, Lucy Russ, Halle Scurrah, Sharnae Taylor, Zoe Teikamata-Tito, Kelsey Teneti, Katherine Winter.

South Women

Ruby Baker, Madeline Harris, Amy Rossiter-Stead, Anneka Calder, Emily Baker, Jaimee Eades, Anoushka Chiswell, Sorita Pho, Ruby Evans, Riana Pho, Francesca Williamson, Annabelle Schneideman, Isabella Story, Tessa Reid, Rileigh    Knapp, Breana Catley, Kianna Dawson, Alice Mcilroy-Foster.


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