🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Hockey Wales : Wales Boys and Girl's squad announced for the 2021 UK School Games
Photo Credit : Hockey Wales

This year Wales are back competing at the UK School Games!

The 2021 Games are hosted at Loughborough University from the 2nd to 5th September. Wales are sending a boys and girls team to compete against Scotland, Ulster and three English sides.

“We are really pleased to be back competing at the UK School Games after a few years of absence. It is always important for our players to get tournament experience and exposure, and the unique nature of the School Games being a multi-sports event will bring an exciting and different feel. After a promising summer of development for our young international players, it will be nice for our Hockey family to follow their exploits once again, especially given the event will be live streamed.” Kevin Johnson, Director of Performance

Congratulations to all the players who have been selected. The School Games are always a great experience for young athletes – we hope you enjoy it!

Boys Squad:

  • Moritz Beckmann – Swansea HC
  • Ewan Bagwell – Gwent HC
  • Henry Chapman – Newbury HC
  • Harvey Davies – Gwent HC
  • Harry Davies – Penarth HC
  • Alistair Dyer – Swansea HC
  • Sion Goldsmith – Chester HC
  • Callum Holland – Stourport HC
  • Lewis Ingram – Penarth HC
  • Thomas Izzard – Canterbury HC
  • Edward Jackson – Gwent HC
  • Samuel Madawee-Dillon – Chester HC
  • Cameron Mitchell – Reading HC
  • Jack Stransom – Gwent HC
  • Harvey Sullivan – Cheltenham HC
  • Owen Sutton – Isca HC
  • Tomos Williams – Whitchurch HC
  • Keir Palmer – Whitchurch HC

Girls Squad:

  • Rosie Jones – Swansea HC
  • Matilda Collins – Eastbourne
  • Emily Savastano – Whitchurch HC
  • Ellie Meredith – Whitchurch HC
  • Jemima Robinson – Penarth Ladies
  • Suzi Harris – Northop Hall
  • Connie Davies – Gwent HC
  • Phoebe Noott – Pembrokeshire
  • Lucy Harrison – Whitchurch HC
  • Beth Munro-Morris – Penarth Ladies
  • Amelia Lane – Stourport HC
  • Amy Hughes – Cheltenham HC
  • Seren Cahil Parsons – Northop Hall
  • Elen Nicholls – Knole Park
  • Emily Edwards – Stockport Bramhall
  • Betsan Thomas – Swansea HC
  • Ava Dempsey – Bowdon Hightown
  • Tilly Wood – Cheltenham HC


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