As Indian hockey yet again finds itself in trouble over appointment of a new national coach for their senior men’s team, Former Canadian National Hockey Player —Jagdish Singh Gill, feels that Hockey India should stick to homegrown talent.

“I have always failed to understand Hockey India’s obsession with white skin, I don’t know.” Jagdish said.

Gill, is an Indian origin hockey player, who played for the Canadian National field hockey team at the 2011 Pan American Games and won a silver medal. Gill has also represented Field Hockey Canada at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

“Foreign coaches and management do not suit India. I do not understand why Hockey India needs a foreign Coach, foreign CEO or even a foreign HPD.” Gill said.

Jagdish says hiring a foreign coach and management is an embarrassment for India and shows the lack of self confidence India has in their own people.

“India has no dearth of talented and qualified coaches,managers and administrators. Indians should have faith in Indians. Even the CEO of World’s Largest American technology company ( Google) is an Indian (Sundar Panchai).” said Gill.

Jagdish also said what upsets him the most is the higher pay and greater importance given to the foreigners in the support staff.

“Why should a foreign coach be paid more than an Indian coach of same calibre? Why the discrimination?” Gill questioned.

Come to think of it, bringing an expatriate is also more expensive than a local.

Simply put, Jagdish’s view is that – it is high time India sticks to appointing homegrown coaches and management. Homegrown coaches and management definitely have an edge and know more about the working in India than any foreign coach or manager.