🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : World Indoor Hockey Championship cancelled

Dragflick Newsdesk : The world hockey federation FIH canceled the indoor hockey world championship planned for February 2-6 in Liège on Monday after discussions with the organizers in Belgium due to the dramatic pandemic situation in Belgium due to the Omicron variant.

FIH CEO Thierry Weil said:
“The indoor world championship is the pinnacle of indoor hockey. For this reason, it was extremely difficult for all active players and indoor hockey fans to cancel the event planned for 2022 just a few weeks before it took place. But of course we followed the recommendations of the local authorities. “


DHB Sports Director Dr. Christoph Menke-Salz commented on the cancellation as follows:

“For us it is similar to the decision to cancel the European Indoor Championships in Hamburg. It is – even if we had not yet nominated the teams – very unfortunate for the athletes and staff as well as of course for the fans, but in view of the pandemic situation it is certainly a sensible decision. ”

The indoor World Cup has already been postponed for a year due to Corona. In the FIH declaration on the second rejection, there is no longer any talk of postponing the date.


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